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My Basic Bio:


Barbara Kanninen is a children's writer and award-winning Ph.D. environmental economist.  She has worked for educational companies such as Macmillan-McGraw-Hill, Core Knowledge Foundation, Innovative Kids, and Kaeden Books.  Barbara's first picture book for children, A Story with Pictures, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was named a "Picture Book We Admire" by the Children's Literature Network.  Her second picture book, Circle Rolls, is forthcoming with Henry Holt and Co.  Barbara is represented by the Bookstop Literary Agency.  She lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband and two boys. 

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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do you pronounce your name?


Say "cannon," and then add another "en" at the end.  It's a three syllable word with the emphasis on the first syllable.  Kanninen is a Finnish name and "inen" is a common Finnish ending.  Now that you know that, I bet you'll start seeing "inen" names all over the place.


How many books have you written?

Can you believe it -- I don't know!  I've lost track, but here's a list of all my published work for children.

And here's a link to some of my books and articles on Amazon.com, including some books that cite my work:

Do you have an agent?

Yes.  I am represented by Kendra Marcus of the Bookstop Literary Agency.

Where did you go to college?

A lot of places!  I have a Bachelor's degree from Ohio University, a Master of Science in Economics from Texas A&M University and a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.  Phew, that's a lot of years of school!

What are you playing on Pandora?

My current favorites are Girlyman, Eva Cassidy, Mumford and Sons, and -- a forever favorite -- Sting.

Are you on Facebook?

Sure am!  You can find me at www.facebook.com/barbkann



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